The wow senses

“ We are blessed to have a wonderful once in a lifetime experience, a real Wow factor, But what if you could be connected to it time and time agin longing to be back in the moment to continually associate and be anchored to that higher another level of exceptional guest experiences.”


Have you ever heard a certain piece of music, smelt a scent or seen an image that immediately sparks wonderful positive memories from your past?

Our senses – sight, sound, smell, taste and touch – work best in combination. The more sensory memories activated, the stronger the bonding.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in each guest’s engagement with the hotel those positive feelings were brought back via strategically placed sensory stimuli such as sight, sound, smell, taste and texture? The higher the number of sensory memories activated, the stronger the bonding with the brand.

Once you have touched those deeply anchored associations, guests will always connect them with the stay in your hotel and crave for them wherever they go.  Those wow factors will differentiate the stay and make it memorable, personable, sense-tional.

WOW FACTORS and First impression last forever


In pursuit of perfection we firstly achieve excellence, perfection and WOW

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