First Impressions

  • You only have one chance to make a great first impression. The Luxury Hotel Experts will help you make it an exceptionally positive one; one that exceeds expectations and sets the standards for everyone else.
  • Most hotel inspectors use the standard cookie cutter approach of an overnight stay and a diligently filled timeworn scorecard of 900 topics, concluding their involvement.
  • The Luxury Hotel Experts usually stay at a property for up to seven nights, which provides the opportunity to witness rota/shift changes and observe the behaviour of all hotel team members rather than just a few, thus getting the most realistic canvass of an actual guest experience.
  • The Luxury Hotel Experts also prepare a specially crafted bespoke survey, tailored to each property’s unique facilities, location, competitive set, business mix, guest archetypes etc. Comprised of minimum 1,100 points, the survey scrutinises all traditional as well as new trends in luxury hospitalitythat evolve and shape guests’ expectations day by day. A significant part is attributed to those first impressions of each initial interaction with the hotel’s operational team and engagement.
  • Last but not least, the Luxury Hotel Experts discover the missed opportunities and provide solutions for maximising excellence, satisfaction and profitability in those areas. From the moment they get involved, the Luxury Hotel Experts work tirelessly to identify areas for improvement – from the reservation stage to first engagement to guest experiences to checkout. They analyse and recognise all positive change possibilities whilst respecting and building upon the current excellence traits and resources of the property.
  • With an impressive quality inspection experience with some of the world’s finest properties; innovative methods and endless passion for details and absolute excellence, the Luxury Hotel Experts represent the amalgamated wisdom and feedback of 1,000 experts and guests. They thrive on helping businesses reach their full potential, building motivational and inspirational leaders, and delighting guests.