The architects of the Luxury Hotel Expert power house are CJ and Lolly with their endless enthusiasm for high-end luxury hospitality and its delivery. Working with you, they offer solutions drawing inspiration from their industry passion and experience.

We are affectionately known as CJ and Lolly, preferring not reveal our passport names to prevent staff and managers being alerted and knowing who we are on arrival and treating us differently.



Raised in a family of hoteliers, Lolly has lived and breathed hospitality since she was born. Starting her hotel career at the age of 15, she has embraced and mustered an impressive working knowledge of every single operational aspect of running a hotel – housekeeping, reception, reservations, kitchen (she is a qualified chef), banqueting, food and beverage, human resources, retail, landscaping, interior design. It is that in-depth proficiency and wealth of expertise that sets her apart from her peers in the industry. Having learned from the best and being an entrepreneur at heart, Lolly set-up her own management company that designed and implemented three (amongst others) groundbreaking real estate projects from white board to roll out:a dilapidated property in Chamonix, France transformed into Trip Advisor’s leading (No 1 out of 500) ski chalet in the area; an exclusive marina spot in the South of Spain turned into the No 1 rated bistro in the expanse; and an old residential farmhouse in Stamford, UK converted into a thriving boutique hotel and high-end bridal venue.


A sales and marketing guru with 34 years of luxury travel industry experience, CJ brings an all-round comprehension of the vital touch points that shape guests’ expectations before arrival and ultimately exceed those same expectations during the stay. His areas of expertise are training, marketing and profitability. CJ cultured his luxury leisure craft (and fluency in three languages) in the eight years of management roles at UK’s second largest tour operator, before opening his own wholesale travel operation in Europe. His entrepreneurial spirit also took him to Spain, where he established a very success full luxury transport business. Just like Lolly, CJ is very passionate about training and his coaching portfolio includes Train The Trainer courses for Pitney Bowes – one of USA’s most highly regarded direct sales companies. As an NLP coach and practitioner, CJ has an invaluable insight into reading body language and its effect on the customer service experience.

World In Your Hands

We bring the best of the world’s luxury travel paints to create

the world’s next best hotel masterpiece.

In their professional capacity of worldwide quality inspectors, CJ and Lolly have stayed in some of the world’s finest luxury hotel chains including One & Only, Shangri-La, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Jumeirah, St Regis, Belmond, Sandy Lane, Lux and Paradores. Every special moment of each of those journeys has been carefully documented and analyzed to see how they can be incorporated in even more spectacular way in other properties around the world. Click here to see some of Portfolio Assessed and reviewed Hotels Both CJ and Lolly have strong analytical and observational qualities but it is passion that runs through everything they do.

  • Passion for detail and absolute excellence;
  • Passion to help businesses thrive to their full potential;
  • Passion to build leaders who inspire and motivate;
  • Passion for exceeding expectations and delighting guests.

“ I have a true passion for the hospitality industry, to me, the hospitality industry is not only a job ”, says CJ
“ It is a lifestyle, which brings along new challenges every day. And it is those challenges that we create new opportunities from. Such opportunities benefit the hotel and resorts guest experience, service whilst boosting new and repeat business and profitability throughout ”