7 Steps In Pursuit of Perfection

1 ) Pre-Evaluation Assessment

During the initial consultation call, we look at the main reasons for LHE’s involvement; the expected scope of success and accomplishments, current red-flags areas of concern as well as the overall history of the brand/group. We also discuss geographical considerations as LHE only works with one exclusive partner per destination.

2 ) A Week Of Hotel Scrutiny

The LHE method involves a hotel stay of up to seven nights, which provides the opportunity to observe the behaviour of all hotel team members rather than just a few, thus getting the most realistic canvass of an actual guest experience.

3 ) Identify and Qualify

The LHE team prepares a specially crafted bespoke survey, tailored to each property’s unique facilities, location, competitive set, business mix, guest archetypes etc.  Comprised of minimum 1,100 points, the survey scrutinises all traditional as well as evolving trends in luxury hospitality, shaping guests’ expectations today.A significant part is attributed to the WOW factors and first impressions of team’s engagement. Upon completion of the in-depth inspection, the LHE team sends a comprehensive business review and short-term strategy with feasible and accountable actions and recommendations.

Throughout the assignment, the LHE team works tirelessly to identify areas for improvement – from reservation stage to first engagement to guest experiences to checkout. All positive change possibilities are recognised and analysed, whilst respecting and building upon the current excellence traits and resources of the property.The above strategy addresses the missed opportunities in all operational areas and provides solutions for maximising excellence, satisfaction and profitability in those areas.

4 ) Create The Wow Factors

Once guests experience WOW moments, their expectations adjust accordingly and the unexpected becomes the norm. The LHE team’s unique proposition is to guide hoteliers through those special opportunities so they can surprise and delight guests each and every time. In their professional past of worldwide quality inspectors, the LHE team experts have stayed in some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts. Every special moment of each of those journeys has been carefully documented and analysed to see how they can be incorporated in even more spectacular way in other properties around the world.

5 ) Implement Perfection

Upon the delivery of LHE’s unique plan to differentiate the property from its competitors, a detailed action plan and timeline are discussed and set in motion with the individual hotel or head office management.

6 ) Mentor Change

Part of the implementation involves mentoring and paving the way for adjustments and change. The LHE experts are certified trainers and practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming. They bring an invaluable insight into reading body language and its effect on the customer service experience as well as life coaching and guiding people to reach their full potential.

7 ) Re-evaluate

Walk the talk. Introducing the highest standards is a skilled process. Maintaining them is an equally important task.
Once set in motion, the seven-step process is in constant rotation identifyingnew wow factors and implementing them across other suitable properties.


Inspired Solutions

Upon completion of the property’s in-depth inspection, the Luxury Hotel Experts provide a unique business review and a bespoke strategic plan with clear, feasible and accountable actions and recommendations.

Some of those include innovative solutions on How To Go The Extra Mile and achieve customer and financial excellence in areas you never had the time to explore:

  • The importance of cross-promotion of hotel facilities;
  • How to increase the concessions revenue and rental charges;
  • How to conduct the perfect guestroom show-round;
  • The optimum minibar content based on location and guest mix;
  • When, where and how to host a weekly managers cocktail reception;
  • How to maximise the current available resources;
  • How to improve in-room electrics, security, the bed (that often forgotten foundation of a hotel stay), toiletries, additional wardrobe items etc;